3 Made in Group Events You DON'T Want to Miss

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As you may know, attending Made in Group events is your perfect opportunity to build relationships with local suppliers and potential customers. Our platform offers an array of opportunities for manufacturers not seen anywhere else. Since the start of 2021, we have maximized our offering on the digital platform to push your online exposure even further. However, more importantly, we have escalated your opportunities for building trustworthy and transparent relationships with fellow industry leaders. 

With so many events in our calendar this year and so much to engage with, we wanted to share 3 different events you DO NOT want to miss. 

Connect before you’ve even connected

The Made Platform has had a ‘glow up’ recently. You can now directly message, follow and connect with your fellow members in the Events section of your account. You can also see who is attending an event you're interested in for more relevant networking. 


  • Made Masterclass: Everything You Need To Know About the Super Tax Deduction


Every month the Made Masterclass aims to transfer industry-specific, important information for manufacturers. These are usually held by our expert patrons with talks from manufacturing members too.

On Tuesday 13th July members have the chance to learn more about the Super Tax Deduction - a government incentive specifically for manufacturers. Hosted by MIM patron Prime Accountants Group.

The idea of the super deduction is that you get to write off 130% of your investment in "plant and machinery". But if corporation tax then goes up, you'll be charged 25% in tax on that. Join this event for Everything manufacturers need to know about the Super Tax Deduction. 

  • Backing Britain Virtual Breakfast Morning with Birmingham Prototypes, Atlas Copco, and Airmaster Air Conditioning

Giving you the opportunity to network across regions, our virtual breakfast mornings not only have 1 hosting member but 3! Happening every other Wednesday, you can also choose what themed breakout rooms you would like to be part of to network with the people you want to reach. 

Next week, we have a star-studded line of speakers from Atlas Copco , Airmaster and Birmingham Prototypes

Join this event Backing Britain Virtual Breakfast Morning with Birmingham Prototypes, Atlas Copco and Airmaster Air Conditioning


  • Made LIVE TV: The Editor's Pick with guest editor Karen Tinkler


Last and certainly not least, stay up to date with the latest manufacturing news by watching (or just listening) to our bi-weekly 20 - minute live stream. Our guest editor picks 3 articles published to the Made Platform on a particular topic from “Success in Business” to “Implementing Industry 4.0 Processes.”

On Wednesday 21st July, Karen Tinkler from the Partners Group - patron of Made in Yorkshire, will discuss the compelling stories based around the relevant topic with the manufacturers who published them. Join this event Made LIVE TV: The Editor's Pick with guest editor Karen Tinkler

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