5 Reasons to Get Involved with Made Angels


For businesses, the last 12-14 months has been extremely strenuous resulting in many of them closing shop. However with the help of leading industry professionals from the Made in Group, ‘Made Angels’ can strive to find ethical investors, offer guidance and a wealth of knowledge to save British owned manufacturing businesses.

Launched in November 2020, Made Angels was created to source a support community of businesses, entrepreneurs and investors looking to support, save, invest and rescue British firms. Many members within the group have already gotten involved including patrons Prime Accountants, Gallagher Insurance and Brewin Dolphin

With the fourth Made Angels meet up set to take place on Friday 4th June, we wanted to share with you 5 reasons why you should get involved with Made Angels. 

1. Share Your Expertise with Like Minded Industry leaders 

The Made in Group events are renowned for their top quality attendance from industry leaders from multiple sectors within manufacturing. Made Angels is looking for four types of professionals to join the exclusive group - Investors, owners looking to sell their business, those who need investment and professional advisors from the Made patrons.

If you sit within any of the four categories mentioned, you will certainly benefit from gaining and sharing expertise with other like minded businesses with Made Angels. In order to create a community of support within the Made in Group, it’s important that we share ideas collectively to come up with the best solutions to help British industry thrive. By being part of this, you could help save a business and find the answer to your own business challenges. 

2. Attend Quarterly In-person Meet Ups

The past year has been difficult to establish lasting connections with the lack of in-person networking. Whilst zoom events have been an apt substitute, there is nothing like face-to-face conversations to build lasting relationships with fellow industry professionals. 

Every first Friday of each quarter, the Made Angels Investor Network plans to meet up at state of the art venues in the Midlands and Yorkshire for a networking lunch. This will see lunch and the first couple of drinks provided by the Made in Group. 

3. Advice and Support from a Business Angel Professional 

Overseeing and heavily involved in the network is Andy Moore -  Entrepreneur, Business Angel and Advisor. As a Director of over 100 Companies including 13 public limited companies listed in London in his career, Andy will oversee Made Angels due to understanding the tricky legal process of investing, rescuing and saving businesses that get into difficulty. Andy said:

“ I can offer the understanding of how companies can be saved and rescued. If you hear of companies in need of our support, we have a network of businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals that can offer them the right help, support and advice.”

4. Sponsorship and representation on the Made Angels website

Further cementing continuous support for British owned businesses, The Made in Grouphas plans to launch a ‘Made Angels’ website to be used as a platform for ethical investors and individuals looking to buy, sell, invest in businesses. 

By joining the Made Angels network your business could be gaining further exposure by being featured regularly on the website,whether you are looking to offer your expertise, sell your business or invest. 

5. Invest, protect and support British businesses 

Now is a crucial time to save British owned businesses where possible, and support them as we step out of the pandemic. The manufacturing sector makes up for around 23% of the UK economy, whether it be directly or indirectly, making it extremely important for the success of the country going forward. If you can help invest, protect or support British businesses, please contact Aneta at [email protected]

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