Attending Virtual Events at Made Futures? Here’s what you need to know

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The Made Futures Virtual careers week is aimed at helping you seek advice, opportunities and make connections with manufacturers in UK industry. Virtual events at the exhibition, which will be available in the auditorium from the lobby area, give you the chance to connect directly with your potential employers and learn more from the experts themselves. 

There are two different types of events at the Made Futures exhibition. First of all Masterclasses, (taking place from 22nd-25th March at 11:15 am). Masterclasses are a great way to learn about industry-specific topics like ‘what UK industry leaders believe the future of work in manufacturing will look like’ or ‘digital competencies - lessons on remote working and more.’ 

The second style of events will be Virtual Networking - ‘Meet Britain’s Makers’ (taking place from 22nd-26th March at 2:30 pm), this will give you the opportunity to connect directly with key figures within manufacturing organizations and listen in on a panel discussion to get a taste of what these leaders are looking for in their employees. 

So here’s everything you need to know to prepare for the unique opportunities at the events:


  • Dress Smart


You will be joining these events via a ‘Zoom Meeting’ so the panelists will be able to see you as you enter the room. Make a good impression by dressing smart or formal, showing our industry experts that you are serious about the opportunities within UK manufacturing. However, having your video camera on isn’t vital, if you feel more comfortable just being at the event don’t hesitate to switch your camera and audio off. 


  • Research the Panellists


Impress the industry leaders even more by researching the panellists at your chosen events, you can see who they are by visiting the event descriptions here. In the ‘Meet Britain’s Makers’ events, you will have the unique opportunity of speaking one on one with the industry leaders, make sure you have questions at the ready!


  • Be prepared for breakout sessions


The Meet Britians Makers networking events is your chance to shine. With the sessions broken up in different locations e.g Birmingham, West Yorkshire, Black Country, South Yorkshire etc, you will have the chance to introduce yourself to industry leaders from your local area. In the breakout sessions, you will be assigned to one industry-leading panellist along with other job seekers at the event. The panellist will ask your name and something along the lines of ‘why you would a perfect fit for a role in manufacturing?’, ensure to prepare a short and memorable answer. 


  • Take notes!


Both Meet Britain’s Makers and the Masterclasses are unique opportunities to connect with key figures in industry, make sure to take notes during the sessions on any key points that you believe may benefit you in an interview or the job itself. Remember if you attend 2 of these events you will receive a digital Employability certificate to mention on your CV - helping you get ahead of the competition. 

There will also be a daily competition which gives you the chance to win a FREE BOTTLE OF WINE (or non-alcoholic alternative). Just search for the golden banner on the virtual stands at the exhibition and post it to your socials with  #madefutures and #1kjobschallenge.

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