Connecting Likeminded Manufacturers Through Networking and Referrals


Here at the Made in Group, we are dedicated to connecting like-minded businesses and promoting positive manufacturing news throughout the membership and beyond. As part of this commitment, we are asking members to refer contacts who they believe would benefit from being part of the Made in Group community. This is part of the aim to create better and more relevant connections between you, your contacts, and your fellow members.

Challenging the erosion of British industry, the Made in Group have launched updates to the Event module at the backend of member microsites. Better connecting compatible manufacturers and businesses alike, members can now view attendees to any scheduled event, follow them and privately message them. 

A massive advantage to the new events module allows members to attend themed breakout sessions at the Virtual Breakfast Events (Backing Britain 3.0). Whilst logged into their microsites, members can also view participants for each breakout session and select the themed event they would like to attend. This is usually based on issues, challenges, or topics relevant to the industry at that time. 

The launch of the Events module updates comes with an aim to encourage more suitable networking amongst businesses, allowing them to directly choose who they would like to interact with. The Made in Group hopes this will create partnerships between businesses where they can share best practices, work together and generally connect with local and relevant businesses. 

Further motivating members to connect with local businesses, The Made in Group has been requesting referrals via the Member Survey and invitations to be a speaker at up-and-coming events. For members who are speaking at events, this will be their opportunity to strengthen relationships with clients and introduce them to the Made in Group network.

This could be referred to as a shared ownership collaboration as Made in Group help businesses strengthen connections with clients and members, and members help the Made in Group grow the network for a better manufacturing community.



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