How Made in Group plans to protect its members

Coronavirus Updates

The Coronavirus is a family of viruses that can cause illness ranging from common colds to more severe diseases. As a number of people in the UK now have the virus and others planning to visit places highly affected, we have issued a statement which highlights what we will be doing to protect members at events. 

Made in Group’s Statement on Coronavirus outbreak

Made in Group ( Made in the Midlands Limited and Yorkshire Forward Limited ) is closely monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus situation and following the UK Government advice for employers and businesses:

Government Advice 

The Company will be regularly updating staff and members of Made in Group on the situation and on necessary precautions to take.

Made in Group is constantly evaluating the situation and monitoring any potential knock-on effects on its business and will try to mitigate via alternative plans where necessary.

Made in Group will provide updates as the situation evolves.

Coronavirus and Made in Group Events

Please take special precautions when attending our upcoming events, including:

Cancelling your attendance to the event if you are unwell, for any reason to avoid spreading the infection to other members. Members with visible symptoms will be refused attendance.

Cancelling your event attendance if you have recently travelled from one of the high-risk areas, even if you haven’t developed symptoms. Up to date list of affected areas can be found here:

Government advice: Travellers advice


  • Avoid handshakes during networking. We advise alternative methods of greetings and more reserved social distancing


  • Use hand sanitisers and clean your hands frequently to avoid spreading of infections


We take the safety of our events very seriously and ask that you follow all of the above advice.

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