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Made Futures is a jobs board created specifically for those looking for a role in the manufacturing sector. With over 200 companies based in the Midlands and Yorkshire looking for recruits, job seekers are certain to find their next role on

According to a recent Government study, 186,000 skilled Engineers are needed annually until 2024 to plug the skills gap, and almost 20% of the current workforce is due to retire by 2026 according to the ECITB. In addition, over the course of the pandemic millions of UK residents lost their jobs, the highest unemployment rate since the 1970’s. 

With the pandemic restricting meeting in person in 2020 and early 2021, The Made in Group responded quickly to the growing UK skills shortage and unemployment rate by creating Made Futures. In March 2020 the group held an online virtual exhibition giving visitors the chance to network directly with manufacturing companies such as Gardner Aerospace, Moog, Bevan Group, Hayley Group and Unison. 

Thanks to the Made Futures jobs board, job seekers and those aspiring to work in the manufacturing sector can continue to connect directly with employers. By signing up for Made Futures, uploading your CV and setting job alerts you are helping manufacturers save thousands of pounds on recruitment agencies. Giving those looking for a role a chance to build invaluable relationships with manufacturing employers. 

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