Made in Group Launch First Instalment of “The Editor’s Pick”

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On Wednesday 2nd June at 12pm, Made in Group launched its new LIVE Youtube segment - Made LIVE TV: The Editor's Pick.

Yasmin and Joe from the digital team began the event by discussing this new event format - which will be taking place fortnightly for the foreseeable future - with there being one a month for Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire respectively.

The purpose of this event is to welcome an industry leader from the Made in Group membership to discuss the latest manufacturing news published on the platform. This event is published live across the Made in Group’s social channels and can be watched through the Made LIVE YouTube account.

Following the brief intro from Yasmin and Joe, two members from Made in the Midlands were welcomed into the conversation; Paul Clark, Business Line Manager at Atlas Copco, Heather Gallagher, Integration & HR Manager at Atlas Copco and Dean Kenny, Corrosion Engineer at Lake Chemicals & Minerals

Paul at Heather joined the discussion to speak about Atlas Copco having acquired UK compressed air distributor and service provider Cooper Freer Ltd earlier this year.

Cooper Freer Ltd, located in Leicester city, holds a strong market presence within the Midlands. The company was acquired to become part of the service division within the Compressor Technique Business Area of Atlas Copco.

In conversation with Paul Clark of Atlas Copco, Yasmin highlighted that this acquisition is a positive for local industry as a whole, as by a fellow Midlands-based company acquiring Cooper Freer Ltd, it helps keep expertise within the Midlands.

Heather Gallagher followed this up by emphasising that the Midlands is an “industrial hub of the country”, with there being so much growth and innovation predicted within the region.

Ultimately, it was clear that Atlas Copco are looking forward to continuing this growth and innovation through this acquisition.

Yasmin later asked “what can customers now expect from Atlas Copco going forward?”, with Heather saying that this move allows rhythm to offer a broader product range, with the best of both worlds for customers in terms of a “global support, localised supply”.

Dean Kenny from Lake Chemicals & Minerals came onto the event to discuss the new “Innovation Hub” which has been launched in Redditch.

Lake has a near 20‐year commitment to Redditch and as they open our their Innovation Hub, they continue to extend operations in line with the continuing success of the business.

The new move sees Lake expand their capabilities to incorporate new state of the art laboratories for new product development and testing alongside manufacturing operation.

In terms of what people can expect from this innovation hub, Dean emphasised that customers and visitors can expect the “VIP experience”, with this site not just exhibiting Lake’s manufacturing prowess but also that of their suppliers.

Dean also spoke about how staff are now capitalising on the benefits of flexible working, through being able to work a portion of the week at home, and a portion of the week at the innovation hub. 

Finally, Dean highlighted that their are some extremely exciting things on the horizon for this innovation hub, with their being talks of even bringing chefs in to facilitate a great working environment for staff, and ultimately wanting to make it a “fun place to go”.

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