Masterminds: Uncertainty has brought opportunity and encouraged agile working

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As Winston Churchill once said “never waste a good crisis”, as with uncertainty comes the opportunity to change. Wednesday’s Mastermind group discussed how their business has benefited from a time of uncertainty with an agile working force and changing business processes. 

Made in members Anthony Bevan from Bevan Group, Jamie White from Exactaform, Daren Lightwood from Alwayse engineering, Maja Foster from Hexagon and Rowan Crozier from C. Brandaeur & Co joined the Mastermind to discuss current challenges within the business. 

The main outcome of the discussion saw members more positive since the start of the pandemic, with certain individuals mentioning that they have seen success after remote working and online meetings. However, it is still difficult to make sales in a time of uncertainty for all businesses and individuals alike. Some members have benefited from changing the pricing structure of their business by moving to direct debit, as a more manageable payment method in a time of crisis. 

Whilst some businesses have benefited from the change in methodology when it comes to making sales, business leaders have noticed that customers are tired of video chat meetings and are craving face to face contact. This also applies to staff, according to Made Masterminds, as they are noticing a dip in morale as interaction is significantly missing. 

Members agreed that though the pandemic has brought on financial issues and necessary redundancies, it has encouraged their workforce to become more agile as well as giving business leaders the chance to refocus their business processes. 

These changes in their staffs day to day work responsibilities, due to the effects of the pandemic, has helped them with discipline, multi-tasking and a better way of working in an uncertain environment. On top of this, has also encouraged staff to gain an all-round understanding of their businesses. 

With lockdown pressures easing over the last week, some businesses are also bringing more staff back to the work from furlough. However, since the success of agile working, some businesses have had to let staff go and will continue working with a smaller team and new business structure. 

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