Matterport: A Closer Look at the Technology Being Used for Backing Britain 3.0

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The Backing Britain 3.0 three day festival combines three live face-to-face networking events in Wolverhampton, Derby and Leeds with an online exhibition, utilising the latest in immersive 3D technology.

Backing Britain 3.0 aims to give members the tools to sell in a post-covid world with engaging 3D content, whilst helping them reduce their carbon footprint - as the world’s governments look to them to become net-zero by 2050.

Each exhibitor will be able to showcase a piece of their equipment, or a section of their premesis, using Matterport's 3D walkaround technology (and optionally VR headsets). See an example of this technology in action here.


What is a "Digital Twin"?


The Made in Group team is currently going out to visit exhibiting members and create 'digital twins' of their factories, for use in the Backing Britain 3.0 expo (and beyond).

More than 100 of members are participating in the project which involves having their premises scanned with matterport 3D cameras. The goal is to create the UK's most extensive collection of virtual factory tours.

The digital twins will also enable manufacturing companies to remove geographic boundaries and explain how their factory works with spatial awareness. Digital twins are essential to any smart factory, complement existing industry 4 strategies and can be updated as the business invests and updates its facility.

Backing Britain 3.0 is officially taking place from April 26th-28th 2020, however, access to members stands and their "digital twin" will be available 365 days a year following this, providing a fantastic sales and company promotion opportunity for members of Made in Group.

Gold & Silver members of Made in Group can register for the Backing Britain hybrid exhibition as an exhibitor, or others can register as an exhibitor, by visiting the following link: 

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