Optimise Your Online Presence: 3 Reasons to Upload News to the Made Platform


At the Made in Group, we are constantly striving to spread positive manufacturing news. Across our platforms, we receive 60,000 monthly visits, 30K+ followers across our social channels and send weekly newsletters to 11,000 industry-specific recipients. Discover how uploading news to your Made Microsite can optimize your online presence - all included with your membership. 


  • Get Your News Featured on Made LIVE TV: The Editor’s Pick - Streamed live to our 30K+ social media followers

A NEW segment introduced by the Made in Group, every fortnight, we go LIVE across our social channels with a selected industry-leading editor from the #mim or #miy membership. This sees the editor pick 3 articles from the Made Platforms to feature in a live stream discussion. 

Selecting the most captivating stories, our editor invites representatives from the companies who published the articles to get a wider view and give the members a chance to discuss their positive news with our 30K followers. 

This is followed by a write-up on the event and your article featured in our “Weekly Update Newsletter”, which is sent to all of our members. Upload your news and have the chance to be featured on the Editor’s Pick. 


  • Feature in the weekly Digest - a total of 11,000 recipients across #mim and #miy

The Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire websites rank highly on Google for Midlands and Yorkshire manufacturing. In fact, our Midlands site is currently No1 on Google for “Midlands Manufacturing”. If that isn't reason enough to upload your news stories and blog posts, we also feature up to 10 articles in our weekly digest - sent to 7,000 industry professionals for #mim and 4,000 for #miy. 


  • If it’s on your microsite, it’s posted to our social media

Every day we feature the latest news on our social channels at 4 pm. We love to hear what you have been getting up to and more importantly support your achievements by shouting about this as much as possible! 

Refresh your memory by reading our 5 step guide. 


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