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With less than 4 weeks to go until Backing Britain Live 2020 kicks off, it is imperative that you book onto all of the events that interest you now. Doing so will allow you to stay in the loop on any updates with these and add the necessary dates to your calendar.

Whilst non-members can still attend a host of other events, these virtual roundtable participants are drawn from our exhibitors, who are platinum, gold and silver tiered members. The events will be discussions based on best practice and knowledge regarding a variety of industry topics, with contributions from experts and industry leaders within the membership. 

Some of the topics and themes for our Virtual Roundtable events, which can be viewed on the Eventbrite page, include: 


Business Growth (TUE 18 AUG, 9:30AM)

Manufacturing needs a lift now: which markets are looking favourable? What forces are at play? Dynamic leadership, creativity and the digital age will surely play an important role.

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Manufacturing Finance (WED 19 AUG, 9:30AM)

The UK Manufacturing Sector needs a lift, the financial positions of whole supply chains from the OEMs down are under pressure; what support is out there? Who has used it? What does this mean?

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People and Skills (THU 20 AUG, 9:30AM)

Beyond the rhetoric: The skills gap in UK manufacturing has only grown as a result of the poor take up of the apprenticeship levy and the impact of Covid-19. But the gap exists in the boardroom, not just the shop-floor. What collaborations are available to address this and how successful have firms been tackling it?

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Supply Chain Localisation (FRI 21 AUG, 9:30AM)

From earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns to civil unrest, Brexit and covid-19 supply chains - the UK must embrace localisation of manufacturing now more than ever. How and why?

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Smart Factories (MON 24 AUG, 9:30AM)

The Industry 4.0 Smart board has been tackling the challenge of disseminating the goals and ideals of Smart Factories to Made in Group members over the last 12 months - with the role of the 'Internet of Things' Cloud computing, lights out manufacturing and additive layer amongst this topic how do we develop such factories in the UK?

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Green Manufacturing (TUE 25 AUGUST, 9:30AM)

Energy Costs are spiralling, a ruck of green incentives are available to assist businesses but as the UK takes stock of the worsening climate change issues around pollution and emissions, the sector must look at how the demonisation of the internal combustion engine, electrification of vehicle technology and sustainable manufacturing interlinks to change approaches to manufacturing in 2020 going forward.

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Creation of a British Sovereign Investment Fund (WED 26 AUGUST, 9:30AM)

With the government paying billions in furlough through Covid-19, UK manufacturing firms are under impression and threat from acquisition by foreign businesses - looking at the sale of Norton Motorcycles particularly should the UK take up the stance of German firms as an example of not allowing the continued sale of its manufacturing sector to foreign powers?

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Ethical Tariffs (THU 27 AUGUST, 9:30AM)

For the last 20 years manufacturing firms have been told to 'look East' and many sector OEMs now seem to cartel the placement of work around the world to the lowest bidder. But with seemingly aberrant social & environmental conditions found in emerging economies, should the UK look at placing ethical tariffs on products or services bought from these offending nations?

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