The Essential Digital Skills for Manufacturing Roles

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With “Digital Competencies” now being such a large prerequisite within many modern businesses, Made in Group wanted to share some best practice for both job seekers and industry professionals alike.

Ultimately, the aim of this Made Futures Masterclass was to offer some knowledge around the different skills, attributes and experiences needed to both get your foot in the door of the manufacturing industry and also to thrive once you’re in it. 

Members of the speaker panel included: Eliza Bonecka (Head of Marketing at Southalls), Katie Andrews (Marketing Executive at CBE+) and Joe Myko (Digital Experience Executive at Made in Group).

Eliza began the event by offering Eliza advice on how to build a professional

Linkedin profile, which communicates your career potential in the best way possible to potential employers.

The importance of using a professional photo (no “selfies!”) and also ensuring that information is up to date was highlighted here. Moving forward from that, Eliza also foregrounded how powerful “Recommendations” can be to boosting the validity of your digital profile and ultimately convincing potential employers that you have the skills needed to succeed.

For her presentation, Katie Andrews began with a short background on her success with boosting CBE+’s social media presence, since she began in the role. Katie provided many fantastic tips for crafting engaging social media content, such as regular “Meet the Team” posts, which invite new audiences of people to see the content through tagging in different team members each time.

Concluding the presentation section of the event, Joe Myko offered an insight into the idea of “Zoom Etiquette” and “The Challenge of Building Trust Virtually”. This presentation looked at some of the common barriers to leaving a lasting and positive impression with someone who you have “just” met over a video calling software - which is an important consideration for those jobseekers participating in the likes of video interviews.

Looking at some ways in which you can facilitate a more familiar, trusting environment on video calls - whilst simultaneously coming across as professional and competent - is an important consideration not only for job seekers but also for many modern workers who will be expected to use these mediums on a regular basis. For some job roles, i.e. Business Development or Sales, these mediums could even become the crux of your ability to succeed.

Following on from the panelists' short presentations, there were a lot of questions which were asked through Zoom by Made Futures attendees. 

If you missed the event or you simply want to watch back any of the content, then you can access this video on the Made in Group YouTube channel now.

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