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With there being such a variety of benefits to having a Made in Group membership, it can be difficult to stay in the know about everything that you have access to; such as there being a wealth of exporting information and benefits to be gained for all of our members...

Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire members feature in their own directories within the respective sites, however, did you know that all of our members can also be found in a third directory: Made in London

This directory serves to ensure you are reaching maximum industry visibility across the county, bringing our membership into one place, whilst also providing valuable exclusive on import/export data.

Amongst hundreds of other members, all of our members feature on our interactive Britain to the World Map, so that potential customers and work associates can pinpoint their exact location for seamless contact. One of the major ways in which Made in Group members can benefit from this "Britain to the World" Made in London directory is through seeing which other companies within the group are exporting to, or importing from, a certain country and reaching out with them to share best practice.

Members who want to add more data to any of their directories, notably on the Made in London directory in regards to importing/exporting information, should email [email protected] to add the necessary data.

Visit the Made in Group import & export directory below now to find out more!



What is Made in London?

Predominantly operating as a public affairs and news hub, Made in London is the influencer arm of the Made in Group, connecting core manufacturing regions of the UK to policy makers, financiers and the media thereby enabling the group to lobby more effectively on their behalf.

Jason Pitt, CEO of Made in Group, has said: “Made in London is a new public affairs platform aimed at promoting the UK's industry to decision makers, politicians, and influencers within the capital.

One of the primary functions of Made in London is to showcase an International Trade Directory, the "Britain to the World" map, featuring all of our members.


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