What are Made Masterminds and how can I be part of it?

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CEO of the Made in Group, Jason Pitt, recently announced that the Made Group are introducing Made Masterminds via Zoom on the back end of members microsites. This will see decision-makers come together every two weeks to discuss and solve strategic business issues. 

The Made Mastermind groups have been set up in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and to ensure the Made community stays connected during a time of crisis. These discussions will take place every two weeks, once confirmed what the particular group would like to focus on. Jason said:

The objectives of each mastermind can be whatever the group focuses on; however, each member must be able to follow a few simple rules before joining.”

These rules include a code of conduct to ensure everyone within the group has a safe space to discuss issues and solutions, including things such as encouraging and supporting each other and focusing energy on constructively finding solutions to challenges. 

There are many reasons why members may want to take part in the mastermind, especially during such uncertain times. This could apply to decision-makers within companies who are looking to redefine their role and develop their vision, and who would like to think more creatively about business problems.

Each Mastermind group will take place on Zoom, along with a selection of members and a representative of the Made in Group team. The sessions will start with each member reminding others of what they do within their business and what challenges they would like to overcome. After, the Made team representative will choose a selection of challenges and the group will brainstorm possible solutions. Jason said:

“Over a period of time, we will eventually reach every problem in the group. Two challenges are discussed each mastermind meet-up, then we not only get our challenges presented, but we also get to learn from other's challenges which usually has some crossover in our businesses.”

To find out more about how the masterminds work, what we need from you and how you can join, click here to fill in the form to see if you are eligible. 

Alternatively, contact a member of the Made team today or email [email protected]

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